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Closed for Winter

We are closed for winter.  But–we will be opening up one day per month during the off-season to keep hope alive.  Stay updated on our Facebook page or sign up for our email list to get notified!

First opening of the off-season will be Saturday, November 21st from 5-10 pm at Bananarchy NORTH (701 E 53rd Street).


Fair Trade Chocolate

Big news!  After working towards this for some time, we have now switched chocolates!  All of our chocolate is Fair Trade Certified logo MS Paint interpretationnow Fair Trade Certified, which means that standards are in place to ensure that all workers involved in the process of farming and processing the chocolate are paid fairly, given safe working conditions, and allowed to thrive.  We hope that by offering this in addition to our already Fair Trade bananas, we can continue to grow as a socially responsible company.

In addition, our regular chocolate and our vegan chocolate are now the same chocolate.  The only difference is that the vegan chocolate is kept separate to prevent cross-contamination from the other dippings.

For vegans:
This chocolate does not contain dairy, but it was crafted on equipment previously used for milk chocolate, and it does contain sugar (certified Fair Trade).   If you have any questions about this, you can reach us through the form under the “Contact” tab.



Thanks to everyone who supported our Kickstarter!

Dear bananarchists,

We were so honored by your support of our Kickstarter campaign. Your contributions have encouraged us greatly and given us the ability to open a second location in the near future. We would especially like to thank the following people and businesses for their generosity and love:

Abi Murray Jon & Cherie Werner
Adam Fernandez Jon Bollinger
Alex Doherty Jonathan Luers
Alex Richard Jose Fernandez
Allison Boerger Josh Anderson
Allison Matalone Juli Jennings
Alta Compton Julia Shinn
Amy Hathaway K. Jardine
Angela Barratt Karen Goldapp
Angela Greco Katie Walsh
Angelina Niziol DeFilippi Katy Sloan
Ann Lancaster Kenneth Hooker
Anna Phillips Lynn C.
Annette Torres Elias Laura
Anthony Cardinal Laura Dinkel
Ashley Sherwood Laura Rulon-Miller
Audrey Lopata Lindsey
Author Media Lisa Hirsh Stephenson
Becca Liz Barnett
Bj N Mora Guerra Liz Ward
Brad Bellamy Logan Williams
Bree Harlow Loren Sobieski
Brian Biediger Lucas Peace
Brian Hart Marianne Lawson
Brian Shicoff Marie Dadap
C Spud Wooten Marissa
Caleb Mark Dodd
Callan Edquist Mark Proeger
Candice Engelmann Marlow
Casey Matt Valentine
Celine C. Meg Hall
Chelsea Megan Kressin
Chris Meghan Miller
Chris Hume Melanie LaPorte
Christiana Horne Melissa Pride
Christina Harsh Meowna
Christopher Adam Michael
Christopher Brian Anderson Michael Frels
Cindy Lundberg Mike Baskin
Clint Hance Mike Galante
Colin Nancy Schumann
Colleen Bertoni Natalie Zuniga
Cosmo Raines Norman Richards Olivia Perez
Dan Lalich Patricia Combs
Daniel Tovar Patrick Lamb
Danielle Patti
David Darrow Paul
David Hepting Pete Tao
David Inouye Rachel Alton
Deana Williams Ricks Rachel Stevenson
Dominic Eidson Photography Richard Bolkey
Don Anderson Robert Boler
E Claire Lathem Russell Greco
Elena R Gomez Ryan
Ellen Line Ryan Buckley
Elsa Anderson Ryan Williams
Elsa Fernandez Sally
Eric Arnell Sam Rivera
Greg Smith Sara Rose
Heather Lewis Sarabeth
Heather Nicole Sarah Rulon-Miller
Hema Mullur Sarah Watkins
Hope Miller Seth Nieman
Ian Schumann Severiano Adame Garza
International Studies Abroad Shane
Jackie Hanley Gaffner Shawn Jones
Jacklyn Cheng Shelley
Jacob Crowson Shirelle Haugh
James Stephen Murray
Janice Martindale T. Miranda
Jasmine Guy Taylor Brown
Jeff Shaevel Taylor Price
Jen Fodor Taylor Thomas
Jen Villarreal Theresa Garza
Jennifer Hackett Thomas Jacobs
Jerry Lathem Tim Garris
Jessica Anisman Tim Margheim
Jessica H Tom Jacobs
Joel McIntosh Tom Sellstrom
Johanna Gilmore Tracie
John Mark Slack Trey and Bethany Frye
John Rell III Turbana
John Sullivan Whitney Laas
Ysaac Keith

Kickstarter for Second Location

Hello, friends! After six years of being open, we are ready to make steps towards opening a second location. In order to raise the funds for this, we are launching a Kickstarter campaign today! Check it out! Contribute and you can get some pretty cool rewards! We would also love it if you would share it with your friends/acquaintances/enemies/the next cop to pull you over/etc.!  Every dollar contributed helps.  Kickstarter is all-or-nothing funding, so we don’t get any of the pledges unless we can raise all of the money ($17,000).  Help us spread the banana revolution to more of Austin!  You can donate now through April 19 at 9:58 pm.

Here is the link.

Love you all.



Bananarchy Protests (at) SXSW 2015

Happy first day of banana season! This year we are representing the bananarchist cause downtown at SXSW again! If you see us, tweet or Instagram a picture @bananarchyatx (or tag us on Facebook). Then come by the banana stand and show us the picture to get a free halfsie!



Reopening Monday, March 16.

We’ll be reopening for the 2015 season this Monday, March 16. Same location. Love you all.Milly Vanilly with sprinkles



Closed for Winter

Dear bananarchists,

The banana stand is currently closed for the winter and will be reopening in mid-March as usual.  You can keep updated on future developments (including possible off-season cameo appearances) here or on our Facebook page.  You can also request catering through our contact form here.

Stay strong and keep the hope!



Are you ready?


Opening March 10. Protest March 8.

My dear bananarchists,

Bananarchist with protest sign

It has been a long time since we’ve seen some of you.  The winter has been harsh, and the hearts of some grew cold.  Please know that during this time we have been working behind the scenes toward the bananarchist cause, wrestling against our own natures to prevent ourselves from slipping into the apathy we were afraid would plague us.  Through this struggle, we visited other communities, raised awareness about bananarchist issues, and did time in several Latin American prisons.  In the end, our hearts awoke into a new, more ardent vision for frozen banana freedom.

We will be opening again for the season on March 10.

Before that, on the 8th, we will be protesting against Cakeism, materialism, Cupcakeism, Ice Creamism, and commercialism, etc. downtown from 1-8 pm at 6th and San Jacinto.  Come protest with us if you can and receive a coupon for a free frozen banana.  Stay updated on Twitter in case we have to move.

Thank you for keeping the hope and fighting the fight.



Bananarchy Valentine’s Fête Costumée

Raspberry Truffle BananaDear bananarchists,

As you know, we are currently closed for the season. However–

In some kind of miracle, possibly formed from the detritus of all Christmas miracles everywhere, then driven, sluggishly, by Christmas cheer’s toothless mother, through New Year’s Day and MLK Day and Mozart’s birthday, until finally emerging as a great ball of seasoned holiday potential, ready to burst forth and wreak its havoc upon unsuspecting passersby–we have decided to open up for a few hours on Valentine’s Day.

Have you thought yet about what to do for your beloved or beliked on this Day of all Days? Think no more! Bring them here!

Don’t have a beloved or beliked, or not one that approves of you using this terminology? How about someone on hard times, that could really use a kind banana? Take this opportunity to show love that might not be paid back.

We will have a LIMITED menu this day, due to the complicated nature of opening up for only a day in the off season. Featuring: RASPBERRY TRUFFLE BANANA!! Stay tuned for more menu details. We will definitely also have vegan chocolate.

Please dress up, as it is a fête costumée, which my friend Internet tells me means “fancy-dress party.” For you, this may mean your best cutoffs and a new scarf. For others, it may mean a suit. Or a space suit.

Hope to see you there.


Opening goes from 6-10 pm.  RSVP on Facebook here!