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Bananarchy Puppet Show Competition!

posted by on April 21 2012

banana suit protester

Sneak preview

In honor of the South First Art Walk today, there will be live music, art vendors, and…FREE PUPPET COLORING SHEETS!

With purchase of your banana, receive one of THREE highly entertaining coloring sheets with which you can make your own bananarchist puppet show!  The sheet themes are:

  • The Bananarchists
  • Heroes, Legends, and Historical Figures
  • Monsters, Villains, and Mysteries
It is too small a thing, however, to simply give out these awe-inspiring illustrated beauties.  There is also a CONTEST involved.  Here’s how it goes:
  1. Get your free coloring sheet with your banana purchase.
  2. Get crafty with your characters!  Color ’em, decorate ’em, stick ’em in a stew, etc.
  3. Cut out your characters and glue or tape them to spoons.
  4. Use them to make your own puppet show and record it!
  5. Send your video (or a link to your video) to by June 4.  We’ll post some on the website as we get them, then select our favorite to win a $25 GIFT CERTIFICATE!!!
Thanks to Audrey for putting all of this together.

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